Security Architecture

The best way to build a secure application and protect customer’s sensitive information is to “embed” security to a new application since its conception. Fixing security after an application has been released to production is much harder and more expensive compare with “security first” approach where security architecture is an integral part of general application architecture.

In a situation when sofware developers and architects are mostly focused on meeting business and system requirements, very often security becomes a “foster child” and is given the lowest priority. Even if it’s not the case and application architects do try to embed security to the initial application architecture, they often do not have security related knowledge and implement security controls that are not effcient or are easy to circumvent.

In this situation, aSol consulting services could save a client a lot of time and money by providing a sound security architecture that will satisfy the most demanding requirements and be complaint with contemporary security standards and practices.

In many cases building security controls from scratch is not the best solution, because lack of expertise and knowledeg in this area. Using hardware security appliances and third party software security components might be a better option that will make systems more secure, complaint with industry standards and save maintenance and support cost.

Credelius helps their clients with adopting security appliances and software in the following areas:

  • Web Application, Web Services and XML firewalls.
  • Cryptography and PKI.
  • Firewalls and IDS.

Our specialists understand the standards and principles used to implement these security appliances and tools well, but most importantly they have a working experience of building solutions using them in big and mid-size organizations.