How to get Google’s 2-step verification key

  1. Navigate your browser to Google’s 2-step verification website:
  2. Press “Get Started” button
  3. Login using your Google’s credentials.
  4. Find “Authenticator app” panel and click “Change Phone” link.

5. Click on “Next” with the “Android” radio button selected:


6. When you see your bar code press “Can’t scan it?” link to see the code.


7. A code that you’re looking for will be displayed on the next screen

Now, when you have the new key, you can import it to your Google Authentication (GA) client. After this is done, generate a 6-digit code on your client and complete the GA setup by verifying the generated code at the following screen:

After the code has been verified, you GA client should be in sync with Google’s authentication server.

5 thoughts on “How to get Google’s 2-step verification key

  1. Chris Martin

    These instructions seem outdate, I am going to google site as referenced and cant get any option to change the Default Authenticator, No pencil ever comes up? So this app is useless to me with out proper support and directions.

    1. somehobbit Post author

      Updated the key retrieval instructions to make them more accurate. Unfortunately, there is no way to see an existing code anymore. You must “change” it and re-sync with GA. I think, Google did it to improve security, but it creates some inconvenience

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