GAC – Tizen Client for Google Authenticator

GAC is a Tizen Application for Gear wearable devices. It has been tested and can run on Gear, Gear 2, Neo, Gear S, Gear S2 and Gear S3 devices.

It can be installed on any of the devices above through Gear App available for Android and iOS smartphones.

A user would need to obtain a Google’s 2-step verification code before she can use the application.

Detailed instructions about how you can get the Google’s code could be found here. After receiving the code a user can either enter it directly to the device if it has a proper keyboard (Gear S, Gear S2) or create a gac-codes text files and import it to the device using “Init from File” menu as described in this link.

On Gear S2 you can toggle accounts while on an account page by rotating a bezel:


Here how adding a new code screen looks like on a Gear S device:


Application’s menu allows selecting either an account or another menu item such as “Init from File” or “New Account’:


Help pages are always available on either Gear device to improve a user’s experience. This is how the look like on Gear S:



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