How to get Google’s 2-step verification code

  1. Navigate your browser to Google’s 2-step verification website:
  2. Login using your Google’s credentials.
  3. Click on edit/pencil button as shown on the picture below: 2step-1
  4. Click on “Change” in the right bottom corner:



5. Click on “Next” with the “Android” radio button selected:


5. When you see your bar code press “Can’t scan it?” link to see the code.


3 thoughts on “How to get Google’s 2-step verification code

  1. These instructions seem outdate, I am going to google site as referenced and cant get any option to change the Default Authenticator, No pencil ever comes up? So this app is useless to me with out proper support and directions.

    • I’ve just checked it and it worked for me as described. Try to authenticate to Google account first, e.g. to gmail. After this is done, navigate to the URL:

      At this point it will ask you for credentials again. After providing credentials I could see the pencil just across the “Authenticator App (Default)”.

      Have you enabled the 2 step verification at all before doing all that?

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